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Business Solutions By Guruji Sai Arulmurugan

Dr. Sai R Arul Murugan (P.hd USA in Numerology), is a leading numerologist

Ask Company & Commercial Name Rs. 5550. For selection of your company name & Logo, Brand, be it for T.V. Serial, Film, School, College, Hotels, Enterprises, Real Estates, Builders, Software Institute, Tours & Travels, Associates, Coaching center or your home. Ask Sai R Arul Murugan.


The details we require from you are as follow :

  •   Name :
  •   Gender :
  •   Date of Birth :
  •   Place of Birth :
  •   Time of Birth :
  •   Father's Name :
  •   Mother's Name :
  •   Door No :
  •   Old Company Name any selection sent to us :
  •   Two Wheeler No. / Car No :
  •   Cellphone No. / Phone No :
  •   Bank Account No :
  •   Demat Account No :
  •   Marriage Date :
  •   Signature :
  •   Service charge : Rs 1500./

Service charge - Rs 5000 per 30 minutes.

Delivery Instruction - Consultation by mail within 7 working days.

The solution

Speak Live with Sai R Arul Murugan:

You can pay for pre-determined periods of Video Chat. The astrologer will come online at the pre-determined time and will provide live astrological guidance. The lead time for providing the appointment will be at least 7 days. You have to call the astrologer at the predetermined time and he will provide live astrological guidance.


Ask questions relating to one horoscope, questions related to multiple horoscope will not be entertained. And also avoid multiple questions in a single question..


Once you place the order, the astrologer will mail you the consultation timings through email.